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What are industrial valves?

What are Industrial Valves?

  • Industrial Valves are mechanical devices that are used in piping systems within many industrial fields. The function (closing and opening) regulates and control the flow of a liquid or gas within the pipes.
  • Industrial Valves are widely used in many industrial industries such as food&beverages manufacturers, water supply and treatment plants, animals and aqua feed production, fabric and textiles industry, chemical production, etc.

Industrial Valves come in a variety of forms and functions. Depends on the medium, location installation and demand, an appropriate valve can be chosen to satisfied the requirements.

Popular types of industrial valves, such as:

  • Van cầu  / Bellow seals globe valves
  • Van bi / Ball valves
  • Van một chiều / Check valves
  • Van cửa, van cổng / Gate valves
  • Van bướm / Butterfly valves
  • Van an toàn  / Safety valves
  • Van giảm áp / Reducing valves
  • Van điều khiển / Control valves
  • Van điện từ / Solenoid valves