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What is a Steam Trap?

What is a Steam Trap? During the process of heating, the steam created will condensates back into the water after releasing its energy. In order...

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What are Pressure Gauges?

What are Pressure Gauges? A pressure gauge is a fluid intensity measurement device. Pressure gauges are required for the set-up and tuning of fluid power...

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All About Bosch Industrial Boiler Systems and Component

All About BOSCH Industrial Boiler Systems and Component. Link: (https://www.bosch-industrial-asean.com/en/) BOSCH Industrial Boiler Systems and Components,  one of the world’s leading boiler suppliers and fabricators. As well...

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What are Ball Valves?

What are Ball Valves? Ball Valves are mechanical devices that are designed and attached to a piping system to control its flow. Inside the body of the...

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What are Check Valves?

What are Check Valves? Check Valves are devices that are designed to protect the piping systems; by allowing the flow of the substance to only moves...

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What are Globe Valves?

What are Globe Valves? Globe Valve are mechanical devices that are able to open/close to control the flow of a liquid/gas in a piping system....

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What are industrial valves?

What are Industrial Valves? Industrial Valves are mechanical devices that are used in piping systems within many industrial fields. The function (closing and opening) regulates and...

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Meeting HITACHI representative in Japan

Meeting HITACHI representative in Japan The executives of Kinh Luan Engineering Co., Ltd. have met with the representatives of Hitachi Metals Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan in...

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