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What are Globe Valves?

What are Globe Valves?

Globe Valve are mechanical devices that are able to open/close to control the flow of a liquid/gas in a piping system. Inside the body of the valve, there are two separated sections. Halve is under and halve is above the flow of the substance. Between the separation point, there is a hole in which the substance is able to move from the lower half to the upper ones.

Structure of a Globe Valve

Globe Valve picture

The seat of a globe valve is placed in the middle and parallel to the piping line, and the hole on the seat is closed by the plug (see illustration). Additionally, a globe valve’s structure allows it to control the flow of the substance through both directions. Although the valves require a higher pressure drop than the gate valve and ball valve, we can be used when the pressure drop across the discount valve is not a prime check. The ball valve also has a movable part plate and a fixed washer in the ball.





Application of  Globe Valve

  • The cooling water systems that need flow adjustment
  • Fuel oil systems that need flow adjustment and leakage preventions are essential.
  • High vents and low drains point where flow adjustment and leakage preventions are the main considerations.
  • Feedwater, chemical feed, extraction of condensate and extraction drainage system
  • Boiler vents and drains, main vents and drains, and heat drains
  • Turbine seals and drains
  • Turbine lubrication systems and other systems

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