1. Rights and responsibilities of product sellers:
Provide the right product that customers have chosen, is responsible for consulting full features, usage, price … and other requirements of customers.
Have the right to request customers to provide full information about: needs, conditions of use, conditions

transport; warranty conditions; customer care later …

Instruct customers on how to use and preserve the product after purchasing and throughout the use of the product.
Commitment to selling the right quality, goods with clear origin, goods with quality measurement standards in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law We have a full range of legal papers as required. under the law.
Website has a mechanism for customers to agree to the seller’s general regulations (if any) before buying.
2. Rights and responsibilities of product buyers:
Provide full information about demand, conditions of use, shipping conditions; customer care in the future … and other conditions (if any) and the necessary requirements for the seller to advise the correct and exact products most suitable for customers.
The buyer has the right to ask the seller to provide a full range of documents related to the quality, origin of the product, the ingredients for the buyer to choose and understand about the product before buying and using. product.
Together, perform all matters agreed upon by both parties, in a spirit of cooperation and voluntariness.
Provide full information such as: Name, Address, Phone Number when the buyer has demand for the seller to transport the goods to the place or consultation to take place.
Pay the seller in full according to the agreement between the two parties in the purchase / sale of the product.
3. Implementation process:
Step 1: Customers contact the website https://thaiduongboiler.vn to view the product or contact directly to order.
Step 2: The seller gives advice and selects exactly the type of goods that the buyer requires.
Step 3: Pay according to the agreement and price listed
Step 4: Carry out delivery in case customers request. We encourage customers to come to our store at the publicly listed address for advice on the most suitable product.
Step 5: Complete the purchase
Step 6: The seller is responsible for warranty and customer care in accordance with the committed policies.